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Trespassing & Homeless Solutions

Homelessness in Southern California has reached epidemic proportions with no real end in sight. It is a very real and extremely adverse situation, solutions are difficult but not impossible. Archangel Risk Solutions will not only remove and safeguard your property but will use every available resource to keep the problem from returning.

As homelessness plagues our beloved cities and suburbs, it’s becoming very apparent whatever measures are currently being taken are simply not working or is just not enough. The recent explosion of ‘Tent Cities’ and encampments hits us with a brutal dose of reality. No longer can we just shrug it off saying to ourselves that ‘It’s not my problem’. It is our problem and it affects us all at some point in our daily lives. It’s not only ‘Big City’ problem, but rural areas of the country are seeing and feeling the effects of crisis. A new study led by the University of California, Irvine (UCI) together with the Association of California Cities - Orange County (ACC-OC) are researching what the financial impact has on the tax payer hopefully paving the way for more permanent solutions

The streets

In Los Angeles County, a 3 day ‘boots on the ground’ census estimates there are 47,000 homeless not counting Long Beach, Glendale and Pasadena. Wether it be Los Angeles, San Diego or Orange County, we all feel the ripple effect of this crisis through our local law enforcement and fire agencies. Continuously being called out to handle homeless calls for service adds to response times not to mention adding to the already staggering medical costs to care for these souls. Many suffer from mental health issues making it that much more dangerous and difficult, thus requiring additional officers or deputies to respond simply for officer and fire (personnel) safety. Studies show the medical cost at local medical facilities and emergency rooms are staggering.

It’s more likely the homeless will require the most costly health care services, such as emergency medicine to include emergency room services. A report in the New England Journal of Medicine states, homeless spent an average of 4 days longer per hospital visit compared to those not homeless.


A study of hospital admissions of homeless people in Hawaii showed that 1,751 adults were responsible for 564 hospitalization and $4 million in admission costs and $4 million in admission costs.

The rate for mental health or psychiatric treatment was over 100 times higher than those with no such diagnosis. It’s no secret homelessness causes and results from psychological disorders, addiction, HIV/AIDS as well as many other ailments requiring long term care not to mention consistent and preventative care. Emergency services, mainly law enforcement are stretched to the breaking point. Law enforcement agencies here in Southern California are experiencing major retention issues. This coupled with the fact of increased civil unrest, active shooter threats, and the undeniable rise in lone wolf terror attacks basically leaves us fending for ourselves.


We at Archangel Risk Strategies/Saint Michael Tactical believe and live by this, ‘If you're in the protection business one must keep physically fit and mentally sharp’ We seek every opportunity to ‘Level Up’ and train. We live in a world where the threat is constantly changing or evolving, we must do the same.

Our agents and team members are all current or former LEO’s, military vets or trained security professionals, PERIOD.